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McDonald's Ice Cream Lovers


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Worldwide, customers were leaving McDonald's restaurants disappointed and unfulfilled, annoyed at the megacorp's oft-broken ice cream machines. Then it happened to me, so I decided to help.


Designed a solution: an app that uses crowd-sourced data to show which locations have a working machine. Plus engagement from key influencers, granular social media outreach, and a viral movement that proved little people can create huge solutions.


Unreliable menu items are annoying time-wasters, something that you don't think you'd have to deal with at one of the world's most well-known restaurants. But it was happening so often  at Mickey D's that they were starting to get a reputation. Ice Check was a cultural moment that went mega-viral three times because this "issue" affected so many people across the globe. Ice Check logged 550k downloads because people want to feel taken care, not let down by, Big Food. Ice Check was featured on over 235 news outlets including Late Night with Seth Myers, Buzzfeed, TIME, NBC, Good Morning America, and so many more because news follows culture. It inspired copycats, one that is currently taking a Right to Repair case to the Supreme Court. And the McD's ice cream lovers were ecstatic and oh so grateful, sharing the app and news coverage 265k+ times and viewing 10.2 million times.

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