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A new Green Brand


Green Line Wellness




Ideation, Brand Strategy + Messaging, Social Media Strategy + Management, Graphic Design, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Packaging Design, Product Design + Development, Event Management + Marketing,


Build a purpose-driven cannab*s brand and a community of loyal customers.


Our strategy was to create an experience where people can have organic, intimate interactions with the brand and its products. We gave them a name with local flavor and a visual identity that evoked both the 60s Flower Era and 90s Lisa Frank, built a new and inventive concept for their weekly event, and designed quirky brand messaging that resonated with customers.


We led Green Line's new brand to a level above all of the other local brands by embodying and exuding friendliness and joy. We designed a clear-cut visual identity that lived online and IRL, earning over 60k social followers and 15k subscribers to their weekly email blast. The new brand's irreverent personality spoke directly to the heart of DCs cannabis community.

Brand visibility and loyalty increased exponentially when we launched the earth-friendly packaging recycling initiative that earned over 1.1m impressions in the first ten days.

The event lasted for three years, only ending when Covid-19 forced us to, so we launched into a digital marketing campaign (SMS + email) that kept revenues steady during a difficult time. 

*Due to canna*is industry regulations, we're limited on what we can share about this project online but we'd love to share more details with you IRL!

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