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There comes a time in one's life when you must decide whether you're working towards building your future or simply contributing to the current state of affairs. Red pill/blue pill type of thing. Or so we thought. Turns out we can and should do both. I created Pure Vanity as a portal through which I can push all of my sensibly wacky ideas. After ten years in the media, most with the Village Voice and NBC, I honed the skills needed to build and communicate a mission of my own. Pure Vanity is where I make things, here is where I dream, and here is where I pop both the red and blue pills into my mouth and see what happens.
Sometimes I write the story, sometimes I am the story. Here are a few instances that I was on the other side of the looking glass -- thanks to my work, not (yet) due to scandal. But I'll post those too when they come.
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